We have all heard the answers “because this is the way we have always done this”, “this is industry standard”, “we don’t have the time or resources to make things better”. These answers are what perpetuate a “status quo” health care system which is in dire need of mending. These answers need to be challenged with asking questions like, “is there a more efficient way to do this?”, “isn’t there a better way to integrate communication?”, “could we save costs over the long-term by implementing better technology?”.

For senior care, solutions are straightforward: technology should be unobtrusive and easy to use. It should enhance residents’ dignity and peace of mind. That’s why at Carnelian Technologies we have chosen to partner with Ascom whose senior care solutions focus on communication between residents and mobile caregivers. This reassures residents—and saves time for staff. Caregivers don’t need to repeatedly walk to residents, nurse stations or fixed phones. They can ascertain a call’s priority while on the go, and if unavailable to respond, can route calls to colleagues.  This makes everyone more efficient, allowing for better care and a fast ROI. 

Carnelian Technologies is proud to have answers (solutions) for all of these questions. We deliver our clients a higher level of efficiency for operations and communications… not to mention, a better bottom line.

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It’s time to make necessary changes in order to ensure the level of care provided is with the utmost dignity, safety, and efficiency. 

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