- Less Staff
- Less Funding
+ Alarming Mental Health Issues
+ Increasing Senior Population

This all adds up to Healthcare workers becoming victims of physical violence more now than ever before. Punching, biting, harassment is occurring at alarming rates. Incidents like these are becoming more and more common across the healthcare spectrum in Canada, including acute care, long-term care and community care.

In B.C., for example, claims related to acts of workplace violence have been steadily increasing over the last six years and nurses (including aides and healthcare assistants) accounted for more than 40 percent of all violence related injuries, according to WorkSafeBC.

Resident on resident aggression is also on the rise causing more injuries and even death due to violent altercations. Research identifies several triggers for resident to resident aggression. Triggers include communication challenges between residents; residents not respecting each other’s privacy, wandering into rooms or touching/taking another resident’s possessions; the challenges of communal living (competition for a certain chair in the dining room or a particular television channel); racism or intolerance of religious, cultural or sexual orientation differences; loneliness and feelings of abandonment; and anxiety, boredom or chronic discomfort. Safety is at the forefront of what we do.  

If there was ever a need for safer solutions in the healthcare industry…it is now. Carnelian Technologies’ robust fleet of solutions can be easily integrated to create and maintain impeccable safety for everyone involved (patients, care aides visitors, etc). We are all about monitoring what matters.

Top 5 Occupations with Most Injuries

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