Welcome to Carnelian Technologies, where we are all about ‘monitoring what matters’. We achieve this by offering the most dignified, safe and efficient solutions.

Tracey Cochrane, Owner & CEO pictured with her mother Judy

The healthcare industry has a shortage of resources and employees, which makes it difficult to offer a high level of care for patients on a consistent basis. We have experienced these challenges first hand with our family members and found ourselves asking, “is there a more dignified way to do this?” and “how can we make this process safer and more efficient?”

Asking these questions gifted up with an incredible opportunity to provide new, cutting edge solutions for the healthcare industry.

We offer:

  • Patients with more dignity, better quality of care, therefore yielding a better quality of life.
  • Impeccable safety for everyone involved (patients, care providers, visitors, etc).
  • Higher levels of efficiency for operations, communications, and the bottom line.

Our name Carnelian, was inspired by the Carnelian stone which is known for its healing and protective qualities. We are proud to be the first company in Canada to be offering such a robust fleet of solutions.

Carnelian Technologies began due to Tracey's mother being hospitalized and while in care, Tracey began to have conversations with healthcare workers.  Tracey was told countless stories of violence in healthcare and how it impacted the care worker, their family and the people they worked with and cared for.  She knew there had to be a way to keep these very important people safe.  Through research and conversations with people in the healthcare industry there is a need in all sectors including acute care (hospitals), mental health facilities and long term care. 

When learning more about long term care, Tracey knew that was where the greatest and most immediate need was.  With our aging population and shortage of workers, the long term care industry is going to be heading into some difficult years ahead.   With an entrepreneurial spirit and her love of technology spurred by her other company, Points West Audio Visual & Acoustics, Tracey set out to discover how technology could help care workers and the people they care for.  

The company operates with three pillars at the forefront in everything we do - dignity, safety and efficiency.  At Carnelian Technologies we monitor what matters.

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It’s time to make necessary changes in order to ensure the level of care provided is with the utmost dignity, safety, and efficiency. 

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