We have all heard the answers “we have always done it this way”, “this is industry standard”, “we don’t have the time or resources to make things better”. These answers are what perpetuate a “status quo” health care system which is in dire need of mending. These answers need to be challenged with asking questions like, “is there a more efficient way to do this?”, “isn’t there a better way to integrate communication?”, “could we save costs over the long-term by implementing better technology?”.

At a past BC Care Providers Conference the theme was “Shift Happens!”. Attendees gained insight into best practices and technology in the sector. They explored how a culture of innovation and person-centered care can improve quality of services, access to services, and health outcomes for residents/clients. Where “Shift Happens” is very interesting and is also a challenge for care providers.

We shifted our thinking 36 months ago when we identified many of the gaps in long term care. The CEO and Owner of Carnelian Technologies, Tracey Cochrane had a personal experience with her mother and realized the following:

• there are a lot of staff shortages and staff feel very vulnerable
• violence against care givers and other residents is prevalent and increasing in frequency
• there is a lack of tools for communication ie: healthcare grade mobile phones
• the need for long term care is growing quickly and the care industry is not ready

The team at Carnelian Technologies spent months researching and speaking with Directors of Care, owners, Executive Directors, Unions and frontline workers to identify the “pain points” and struggles  that they were faced with daily. The message was the same from everyone. Staff and residents need    to feel and be safe, everyone deserves to be safe but in a dignified way and care homes need to be more efficient to maximize care. These were the pain points that everyone expressed.

Our pain point is getting care providers to “Shift” their way of thinking. Nurse call systems shouldn’t be replaced with another nurse call system just because “that’s the way it has always been done”. Those systems simply don’t work for someone with dementia. Residents don’t realize that if they pull    a cord or push a button someone will come and help them. What happens when someone falls and can’t reach a pull cord? Or the resident pushes the button constantly and staff are exhausted from the alarms.

Bed mats/pads need to be cleaned which voids the warranty and they waste caregivers time with false alarms. Then there are the elopement systems. Not one person has said that they LOVE their wandering system. The systems false alarm and cause a lot of problems when a door locks and needs to be reset. We hear this all the time.

Why do things that don’t work AND frustrate the staff and management continue to be purchased?? There is a better, easier and more affordable way.

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Shift your thinking with Carnelian Technologies and have a safer, quieter environment for everyone which will help retain and even attract workers, keep staff and residents safe and most of all stop throwing away money on old technologies and old ways of thinking.


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