In healthcare, a significant percentage of errors can be attributed to communication breakdowns and lack of effective teamwork.  This is a very costly problem both in economic terms as well as costly to the individuals who are affected.  While healthcare workers typically work in teams to coordinate and manage patient care, they are generally not well-trained in the generic or non-technical skills – such as communication, situational awareness, decision making and teamwork – that underpin technical skills.  Poor non-technical skills, including communication, may lead to patient/resident safety incidents and in some cases medical errors.  With the occurrence of safety incidents (resident on resident aggression, violence against care workers) in Canada continuing to climb it is important to understand and harness tools that improve communication and teamwork to contribute to a culture of patient and resident safety.
For senior care, solutions are straightforward: technology should be unobtrusive and easy to use. It should enhance residents’ dignity and peace of mind. That’s why at Carnelian Technologies we have chosen to partner with Ascom whose senior care solutions focus on communication between residents and mobile caregivers. This reassures residents—and saves time for staff. Caregivers don’t need to repeatedly walk to residents, nurse stations or fixed phones. They can ascertain a call’s priority while on the go, and if unavailable to respond, can route calls to colleagues. 
By choosing an enterprise-grade smartphone purpose-built for healthcare like the Ascom Myco 3 can: 
• Optimize communication, collaboration and coordination for mobile teams
• Connect and interact with colleagues, machines, patients, devices, information systems, and nurse call and alarm systems
• Clean and sanitize the phones to prevent and control the spread of germs and disease
• Streamlined workflows makes care givers more responsive and more efficient
• Aluminum chassis and Corning® Gorilla Glass 3. Built to withstand dirt, dust, oil, water and disinfectants
• True hot-swap battery help ensures constant operation throughout long shifts
• Sturdy carrying clip comfortably secures the Ascom Myco to clothing
• Connect to other technology like PointClickCare and the Carnelian Technologies Dashboard

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