Bed Exit

It’s time to make necessary changes in order to preserve residential care. Shift your thinking with the help of Carnelian Technologies.

Research shows that bed exit pads and alarms do not result in a decrease in the number of falls and in fact result in alarm fatigue. This is due to false alarms or nuisance alarms (alarms that sound even though the patient isn't leaving the bed or that sound while a caregiver is helping the patient to leave the bed). Many of these traditional devices are tripping hazards because of the cords needed and require constant cleaning which voids the warranty resulting in high costs to replace them.

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Bed Exit

Bed Exit

  • Some bed-exit alarms false alarm and do not immediately reset after sounding. If a patient exits the bed during this reset interval, the alarm will not sound, increasing the likelihood of patient injury.
  • Alarm fatigue is sensory overload when people are exposed to an excessive number of alarms, which can result in desensitization to alarms and missed alarms. Patient deaths have been attributed to alarm fatigue.
  • Analytic sensors detect and alert staff to movement, bed exit and falls in resident rooms.
  • Using analytic sensors means NO ongoing maintenance is required.
  • Beyond falls, visual analytics system detects abnormal resident behaviours, wandering or interloping into other resident’s space, resident on resident aggression prevention or mitigation.
  • Alerts sent to front line workers’ medical grade mobile devices.
  • Real time activity reporting.
  • Improve resident well-being and safety with 24-hour monitoring.

CARI is a customizable full suite solution for residential care homes that want to make a positive change for both their staff and their residents. Cari allows staff to better focus their attention where needed allowing residents the independence they desire; while families can have the peace of mind that their loved ones are well cared for.

CARI helps to improve the bottom line, while at the same time creating a safe, dignified and efficient environment for those who work and live in the same community.

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It’s time to make necessary changes in order to ensure the level of care provided is with the utmost dignity, safety, and efficiency. 

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