Emergency Response

It’s time to make necessary changes in order to preserve residential care. Shift your thinking with the help of Carnelian Technologies.

Nurse call solutions that can dramatically improve communication and collaboration within hospitals, mental health facilities and long-term care homes—solutions that can help enhance patient safety, staff satisfaction and clinical workflows.

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Emergency Response

Emergency Response

  • Adverse events can occur at any point of a patient's care pathway - primary care, hospital care or long-term care.
  • Adverse events generally relate to communication failures and the absence of relevant, timely information. Instead, it’s inaccessible or stationary: inside a desktop PC, written in a journal, inside a colleague’s head. Making this information accessible can help improve workflow efficiency.
  • Getting the right people and equipment to a person in need is crucial and manual alerts and interventions just aren’t quick and flexible enough. What’s needed are automated alerts or messages sent directly to the care team and routed to other members if the user is busy.
  • Avoid the risks and delays of manual administration. Minimize response times, while gaining a permanent record of key response performance indicators.

CARI is a customizable full suite solution for residential care homes that want to make a positive change for both their staff and their residents. Cari allows staff to better focus their attention where needed allowing residents the independence they desire; while families can have the peace of mind that their loved ones are well cared for.

CARI helps to improve the bottom line, while at the same time creating a safe, dignified and efficient environment for those who work and live in the same community.

For the past 26 years, we have focused our efforts on helping businesses become more efficient by using technology. We take pride in providing the right products in the right environment at the right price. Our healthcare solution has been specifically designed to address the needs of those directly impacted by long-term care, acute care as well as mental health.

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It’s time to make necessary changes in order to ensure the level of care provided is with the utmost dignity, safety, and efficiency. 

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